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Key recommendations of Nova Scotia mass shooting inquiry

April 21, 2023 |

Key recommendations of Nova Scotia mass shooting inquiry

Here are some of the main recommendations from the public inquiry into the mass shooting that claimed 22 lives in Nova Scotia on April 18-19, 2020 (released March 30th, 2023):

  • An external, independent review of the RCMP, including a review of the contract system under which the RCMP provide policing services to much of rural Canada.
  • After the review, identification by the federal public safety minister of tasks that are suitable to a federal policing agency and ones that are better reassigned to other agencies.
  • Closing of the RCMPs training depot in Regina and establishment of a Canadian Police College. The RCMP should phase out the depot model by 2032 and create a three-year degree-based model of police education for all police services in Canada.
  • A review of the RCMP’s critical incident response training, to be completed within six months.
  • Revision of the RCMP’s national communications policies to state clearly that the objective is to provide accurate information about its operations, and in particular to respond to media questions in a timely and complete manner.
  • A national framework for public alerting systems led by Public Safety Canada, with provinces continuing to operate the systems, but “pursuant to national standards.”
  • The creation by the federal government by September of a National Resource Hub for Mass Casualty Responses to provide victim services, build capacity to respond to mass casualties and develop a standard for victim responses.
  • A declaration that gender-based violence is a national “epidemic” and a public health approach needs be taken to violence against women. “Stable core funding” for groups that help women survivors, along with the creation of a national commissioner for gender-based violence.
  • Amendments to the Firearms Act to require a licence to have ammunition and to limit people to owning ammunition for the weapon they are licensed to have.
  • Federal limits on stockpiling ammunition.
  • Rapid action by the federal government to reduce the number of prohibited semi-automatic firearms in circulation in Canada.
  • Creation by the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia by May 31 of a body to ensure its recommendations are implemented.


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