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Domestic Assault Resource Team

Welcome to the newly constructed Domestic Assault Resource Team. The term domestic violence, woman abuse, intimate partner violence and family violence are often used interchangeably. The impact of violence, within any type of intimate relationship can be devastating and is often underreported or “swept under the carpet” as it is deemed a private matter. We are trying to make it everyone’s business. Everyone has the right to be safe. 

Our best hope is that this website becomes a source of information to heighten the discourse of woman abuse as well as help individuals who are on the receiving end of violence within an intimate partner. Services represented in this community team serve both the person who is experiencing violence as well as the person who is using violence. In terms of numbers, we know that women are more often the person who is the victim of abuse in an intimate partner relationship.
Our Mission
To encourage, strengthen, and coordinate service responses to support a safe community where families live free from violence.
Our Values

Survivor informed

To ensure protocols and initiatives are informed by individuals with lived experience.
Our Values


To ensure that our membership reflects our community by maximizing diversity through the inclusion of various viewpoints, including non-traditional partners.
Our Values

Public Education

We are committed to providing comprehensive and accessible public education efforts to all members of the community, including youth, to increase awareness of gender-based violence and provide opportunities for prevention and information-sharing.

Our Member Organizations

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