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Partner Spotlight: Chantal Dubois; Clinical Director of Wellkin

October 17, 2022 |

Partner Spotlight: Chantal Dubois; Clinical Director of Wellkin

Can you explain a bit more about what services Wellkin offers within the community?  What is the population you serve?

Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness delivers family mental health care with a focus on infants, children and youth living in Oxford and Elgin counties. Our programs and services support the needs of each individual based on their life and family circumstances. Wellkin maintains a well-rounded approach to service delivery to ensure everyone accessing our services will achieve stability through active participation in treatment plans designed to address safe, healthy, and manageable outcomes.

In order to meet client and family needs, Wellkin offers a wide range of programs and services offered in person, as well as virtually, based on client preference and needs. In-person services are available at our Woodstock and St. Thomas offices, as well as at our satellite offices in Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and Aylmer. Some community-based services are also offered in home, school or other community settings.

Programs and Services

  • Our Quick Access Therapy Services, is comprised of Single Session Therapy, Brief Therapy, and Therapy Services.


  • Provide timely therapeutic care to infants, children, youth and their families seeking mental health support, at their chosen moment of need;
    • To ensure that infants, children, youth and their families receive the most suitable supports for their identified needs; and
    • To co-create strategies, which build upon current knowledge, skills and abilities, to begin to move forward with identified goals.
  • The Early Years program for parents of children aged 0 to 6 seeks to understand the meaning of children’s behaviors within the context of the family and supports parents to meet their child’s needs. 
  • The Urgent Access Therapy Service offers children and youth who are experiencing a crisis or urgent situation, and their families, an opportunity to connect with a therapist in a time sensitive manner.
  • We provide several goal-focused groups and workshops, designed to meet a range of needs for children, youth and caregivers. We also provide single session workshops throughout the year, to meet the needs of parents and caregivers.
  • The School Community Intervention Partnership (SCIP) is an innovated children’s mental health program committed to an effective early intervention for children with difficulties in regulating their behaviors that may be interfering with their performance at home, school, and in the community. SCIP Consultants will work with your family in a confidential and supportive manner to coordinate meetings with school personnel, attend scheduled appointments, provide parental/guardian support, and connecting your family with community resources.
  • The Intensive Family Services is an In-Home parent support program that provides parents with the coaching, support, and skills they need in order to improve and strengthen family relationships.
  • The Day Treatment Program is designed to provide a treatment alternative for children with long-standing behavioral and emotional difficulties who struggle to function successfully in a regular classroom setting or other alternative programs. Through this program, we integrate academics and social skill development through various treatment options.
  • The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Family Support Program provides community-based supports for children and youth who have a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome for successful community integration and transitions.
  • Respite services provide families with an interval of rest and relief by helping them in finding the formal or informal respite supports that will meet their individual family needs. Respite dollars flow through Wellkin and allocations are determined through the Oxford Respite Network, and the Elgin Respite Network, which were formed out of knowledge that our community is in need of a more coordinated model of respite supports and services and that families want choice regarding their respite supports.
  • The Community Support and Resource Program, offers a range of flexible, community based, educational, and other related services for families or youth referred by the Children’s Aid Society of Oxford County. The program has the flexibility to provide services to families whose children are at the home and that may be at risk of family breakdown, or with families whose children are already out of the home.
  • Wellkin’s Youth Justice Therapy program provides community-based, time limited mental health support to address the issues and challenges of young persons with mental health and/or behavioural needs who are involved in the youth justice system. Services provided will be clinically focused, individualized, based on assessed needs, are evidence-based, and undertaken with a trauma informed approach.

Stats over the last two years:

We have seen an increase in intake requests for those experience family violence over the last 2 years. In 2020-2021 we had 1 person request services in comparison to 2021-2022, where we saw 11.
These numbers have also risen. In 2020-2021 we saw 3 people request services, compared to 2021-2022 where we saw 52.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

For more information on how to access our programs and service, please call us at 1-877-539-0463 or visit our website at www.wellkin.ca

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