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Film Screening and Networking Event

Film Screening and Networking Event

What does it take to have a voice? For women whose voices are often suppressed, the journey is full of challenges. Many quit along the way. But in Ottawa, Ontario, two law students and two survivors of violence have decided to take a stand and join the anti-violence movement. The only trouble is, they don’t know how to be activists.

In their homes and on the streets, they take their first activist steps while veteran activists provide historical context to the movement. If they can overcome the personal and political barriers that threaten to derail them, they will join a long legacy of courageous women who refuse to be silenced.

Overall, the smallest steps is a story of how women find their voice, both as individuals and as a collective movement. Through an intergenerational glimpse of the courage and stamina required to be an anti-violence activist, this story teaches us that even the smallest steps to do what is right can lead to big change!

Learn more about our film and watch the trailer here: https://smalleststeps.ca/

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